So, here goes the first post

Posted by Juan on January 29, 2016


Hello and thank you again for visiting my website. This first post I want to dedicate it to talk more about me, so it will probably be very boring.

Like I said before, my name is Juan Camilo Charria, I´m 26 years old and I´m from Cali, Colombia.

Since a kid I´ve loved to play videogames and have always been very creative. When I was 13 my desire to create my own stories or characters started to grow. I started wondering how videogames were made. So that´s how I started to experiment on different disciplines.

I first tried to learn how to draw characters, I loved to draw, but for most that I tried, I never got the hang of it. I wanted more than just draw a static character that do nothing.

By the same time, I met this guy who became my best friend, and he was learning how to create websites. I had a mind blow seeing how he entered some text in the computer and it translated into a beautiful website (it looked terrible though haha). So I asked him to teach me.

I quickly got the hang of it, learned and enjoyed it a lot. It allowed me to release some of my creativity into a website available for the whole world.

Then one day I visited my friend to talk about web development. To my surprise, he was into a different subject. This time, he was making a small game with RPG Maker. That was my second mind blow (bigger than the last one). I couldn´t believe that making a game could be that easy, so again I asked him to teach me.

I started experimenting with RPG Maker, releasing my creativity by making my own stories and characters. I used to make small games and give them to my friends to play.

By the time I was 15 I realized I wanted to do more than just making up stories or characters. I realized there was something limiting my whole creativity. The RPG Maker wouldn´t let me make other kind of behaviors for my games. So I started researching on my own and found what made my life easier, or should I say harder? I had found out about programming.

It took me a long time to learn how to program, but I never gave up. Highschool helped a lot since there were some classes on the last years where we learned some programming in Pascal, and then Java.

I kept researching and learning different programming languages while learning how to make videogames.

By the time I was 19 I finally was able to make my first 3D game programmed with Basic.

It probably took me longer than others, but I learned all that by myself. It was difficult at those times since I wasn´t able to connect to the internet all the time, at least in my country (Those who remember the dial-up internet connection through phone lines will know what I´m talking about).

Anyways, my journey still has a loooong way to the end, I still have a LOT to learn, but today with these new tools we have, like the UDK (this one helped me learn a LOT), Unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4 it´s so easy for a kid to learn all this stuff that maybe people of my age or older had harder times with it.

Oh well, I guess that´s it for now. If you are still awake by this point, thank you for reading! Hopefully my next posts will be more interesting than this.


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